In this workshop, we’ll look at creative ideas to impact on the thorny issues of workload and wellbeing, we’ll throw out some creative thinking as well as challenging participants to think differently. Hot topics will be…

  • Marking: vogues have come and gone about the role of marking and what the expectations should be of teachers, but when asked about what grinds them down in terms of taking up their time and sapping their energy and their enthusiasm, time and again teachers say it all boils down to marking.
  • Meetings: how much time do busy teachers spend in meetings and how productive are they? Do they have an impact on kids’ learning?
  • Admin: do we use the available technologies to best effect or do they become a self-procreating mushroom cloud of busyness which push hard-working teachers under?
  • Teaching and Learning policies: are they fit for purpose? Do we make requirements of teachers which have no benefit for kids and for learning? What is the value of Observations and do we live in an endless hamster wheel of scrutiny which drains the life blood out of even the most resilient teacher?

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