This learning opportunity will allow course participants to learn how the use of higher order questioning tools can enhance the learning opportunities for all pupils in their classes and in particular gifted and talented pupils whose achievement can be extended through the careful use of appropriate questioning tools

Course participants will:

  • Learn about and understand some theories behind the use of higher order questioning tools
  • Explore the use of Bloom’s taxomony and how it will impact on the learning of pupils in their class
  • Consider different question and response strategies which promote thinking and learning.

A mixture of theory and practical tasks will allow course participants the opportunities to reflect on their own learning. Delivery over two sessions will enable course participants to practise and develop their questioning skills to improve the quality of the learning in their classes.

Questions about questioning

  • Do you use a range of question types or want to know more about questioning?
  • Do you regularly generate questions with an increased level of challenge?
  • Do you feel confident in changing a closed question to an open question?
  • Do you ask questions related to ‘Bloom’s Taxonomy’ in English and maths or other subject areas?
  • Do you want support in generating questions, activities and products using Bloom’s Taxonomy?