This course is aimed at Primary and Secondary Teachers, SENCOs, Inclusion Leads, Teaching and Learning Mentors, Curriculum Leads, and members of the SLT would also benefit from this course as would Teaching Assistants carrying out Speech, Communication and Language Targeted Interventions.

It is designed around the ‘Graduated Response to Need’ model and is designed to enable practitioners to build environments that provide rich language learning opportunities for pupils with Speech, Communication and Language Needs and specifically to audit their own setting to see whether opportunities for oral language in the classroom can be improved. The next objective will be to identify pupils with Speech, Communication and Language Needs and consider differentiation activities in the classroom and smaller group intervention work.  A range of frameworks and audit tools will be presented to enable educators to audit classroom practice, assess children’s needs and make informed choices about appropriate interventions for children with language and communication needs, including those on the Autism Spectrum.

During the session course participants will:

·        Be introduced to the ‘Pyramid of Interaction and Communication’

·        Understand the impact of Autism on Interaction and Communication

·        Learn the core elements of the Checklist for Autism Screening in Toddlers

·        Understand the importance of whole school approaches, including an introduction to frameworks from The Communication Trust and Autism Education Trust

·        Explore the ICAN Progression Tools

·        Use the ‘Communication Supporting Classrooms Observation Tool’ to audit whole school provision

·        Assess ‘what works’ when considering school-based small group evidence-based interventions