This course aims to provide professional support to frontline classroom teachers so that they can provide the best teaching and learning for EAL pupils across all subject areas. At the core of this approach is a focus on developing academic language across the curriculum and is especially pertinent to code C and D learners. This will also help English first language speakers who lack knowledge of formal language. The training would support classroom teachers’ understanding of how language works in their own subject in terms of grammar and vocabulary. This is key to helping EAL pupils use

language to express content in ways that achieve the highest grades and prepare them for writing at post 16. This approach is also likely to have benefits for other pupils within the class. The course is based on the successful ‘EAL in the Mainstream’ project which was run over 2 years with over 70 schools.

It is designed to build:

  • Teachers’ competence and awareness of language development
  • Teachers’ awareness of the language demands of their own subjects
  • Teachers’ understanding of the specific characteristics of their EAL learners
  • Teachers’ confidence to change practice

Participants will commit to:

  • attending all 3 days of training
  • completing all pre and post workshop tasks
  • completing in-between session tasks 

In partnership with

Hounslow Language Service