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Select the group: HLTA, Southend on Sea, BPN, CRLN 2019, autumn

Cost of the programme - £290 (+VAT) for preparation programme/£450 for the assessment 

This HLTA course is for talented support staff who wish to progress within the school system. HLTAs work closely with teaching staff to help raise standards and support learners to reach their full potential. HLTA applicants must have GCSE Maths & English Grade C or above or equivalent.

The HLTA course involves two key elements. Firstly, participants attend two face-to-face dates called preparation. Preparation helps candidates understand the HLTA standards, Final Assessment process and how to accurately and successfully complete their portfolio of evidence. Between the day 1 and 2 events, HLTA candidates will engage with online learning activities that check their understanding and competency. Candidates will book their Assessment school visit to commence after their day 2 event. The HLTA status is gained through a portfolio of tasks and a 3 hour school visit where an assessor interviews you, a teacher on your behalf and a member of the senior management team. 

During Preparation events, HLTA candidates will be asked to complete reflective tasks to demonstrate how they have met the required standards. For example, candidates may be asked to reflect on a situation in school using the following learning points:

  • How did I draw on my previous learning/knowledge/training when handling the situation?
  • What went well?
  • Could anything have been handled better?
  • How can I use this experience to improve how I deal with other situations?
  • Is there potential for follow-up or advice/input to other colleagues?

What did I learn about?

  • Myself
  • The school’s policy on this issue
  • My working relationship with colleagues
  • The wider educational context of my work

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