The most recent DfE Guidance expects that high-quality Health Education will be delivered in all schools along with Relationships Education (in primary schools) and Relationships and Sex Education (in secondary schools) prior to both subjects becoming statutory.

To help schools get ‘ahead of the curve’ and enhance their current practice, the course will use the ‘Road Map to Statutory RSE’ to clarify what Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) is - and isn’t; the importance of subject Leadership; ways to assess current practice and pupils’ need; principles of ‘what works’ in behaviourally effective RSHE; how to ensure policy development and curriculum review; how to identify and address staff CPD and ways to effectively evaluate current and future provision.

The course will provide opportunities to discuss how balance the provision of mental and physical health and the importance of identifying pupil need, using this to develop curriculum provision and how this contributes to the expectations of revised Ofsted framework.

By the end of the day, attendees will know, understand and have discussed:

·        What will be expected of schools in RSHE / PSHE?

·        What does good practice look like according to current Ofsted expectations?

·        How might we go about assessment of learning and evaluating developments in RSHE / PSHE?

·        Some ‘next steps’ to embed high-quality RSHE?

This session will involve some presentation and facilitated discussion to provide examples of good practice and an update on the national good practice but also give participants discussion and reflection time to ensure that the needs the needs of the children and staff are prioritised