LEGO therapy is an effective way for working with children to naturally build and reinforce social communication and interaction skills. It can be used with children who have; Autism Spectrum Communication Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, Social Communication Difficulties, Anxiety, Depression and Language difficulties.

LEGO therapy is carried out as a group with a joint building project. This is to promote interaction as well as enable participants to create their own solutions. To complete the building project requires close interaction and communication among group members; naturally reinforcing social contact and good behaviour.

Research studies have shown that LEGO therapy is an effective means of developing; Verbal communication skills, Non-verbal communication skills, Joint attention, Task focus and Collaborative problem solving. In addition, a study found that children who participated in LEGO therapy demonstrated increased learning and generalisation of social skills as well as a reduction in behavioural concerns.

During the session participants will explore:

·        Why LEGO® Therapy is used

·        Examples of LEGO® Therapy in use

·        How to get started

·        Play time with LEGO®!/Workshop

·        Guidelines for Success

·        Resource examples