This workshop is recommended for professionals including secondary, primary and special schools who need to use Makaton in their work, as well as for others who wish a more in-depth training. Also an essential part of entry criteria for Makaton Regional Tutor Training

The Foundation Workshop provides a detailed introduction to the Makaton Language Development Programme and how this can be implemented to develop language and literacy skills for those who have learning and/or communication disabilities.  

Course participants will:

  • Understand the purpose and principles of using Makaton
  • Identify and use appropriately up to 250 Makaton signs and symbols
  • Understand the differences/similarities between BSL, Signed Systems and Makaton
  • Share research papers on the success of using visual input/output modes of communication
  • Consider how to implement a personal and/or school environment Makaton Programme

This workshop has a varied mix of presentations and practical exercises. DVD examples are used to observe some signing techniques, watch various AAC devices being used and observing some real life teaching examples.

Signs are taught by tutor demonstrations and application of use into sentences, with and without speech.

Symbols are identified, matched to signs and their design theme is studied in sentence building and drawing exercises.