This course is suitable for all staff in Secondary, Primary or Special Schools who are responsible for supporting pupils with medical conditions who need medication administered. The course will instruct delegates to understand the responsibilities and procedures needed to ensure the right policies are adopted.

This one-day course is certified by One Awards to NVQ Level 2 equivalent, and will train staff to appreciate and understand the guidelines and key medication related issues. This will equip staff and managers to examine and assess their own practice and develop improved and safer procedures to the latest Human Medicines (Amendment) Regulations October 2017.

The course will allow participants to fully understand:

  • Classification of Controlled Drugs and Medicines
  • Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions
  • Implications of the December 2015 DfE Statutory Guidance supporting pupils with medical conditions
  • Implications of the revised EYFS
  • Children's access to Non-Prescribed Medication
  • Decisions about whether or not to give a child Medication
  • Minimising risk factors for Children and Staff
  • Storing Medications
  • Setting up and using Record Keeping Systems
  • Emergency Inhalers and Auto Adrenaline-Injectors -Human Medicines (Amendment) Regulations 2014 and 2017
  • Legal background and Relevant Legislation
  • School medication policy key factors and compilation
  • Monitoring and reviewing the situation in each setting
  • Writing Individual Healthcare Plans and Consent issues

This session also includes a short 35 minute test to One Awards - NVQ Level 2 Equivalent